A New Way of Doing Fashion

Jonathan Aston has stood for affordable fashion tights since day one. Like us, they stick to their guns and they know what it means to chase their dream obsessively. In the service of creating beautiful and quality designs that anyone can afford, they’ve done something we love to do ourselves. Jonathan Aston has gone back to the very basic assumptions about how their business should act, and they’ve questioned all of it.

Jonathan Aston does versatile fashion tights

They’ve examined the way their fashion tights are folded. The way they package their wonderful designs. Probably how much they pay their designers too. Jonathan Aston has trimmed the fat and snipped at the loose fabric. They’ve been doing the latter since day one, but now more metaphorically so.

Because these changes are so radical, the suits have decided a fresh start is warranted. JA by Jonathan Aston is the new brainchild of the brand’s designers. Their efforts have all gone into creating something for the modern fashion tights lover. Something fresh and futuristic, like so much of today’s design.

And of course, all of these efforts lead to less cost for them, which they naturally pass onto you. Jonathan Aston loves the people who love their work.

Fashionista-approved fashion tights

The fashion lovers have already given their verdict on these wonderful new designs. We happen to agree with them. Designs like Diagonal Stripe are modern and suited for those who love timeless style. Diagonal Stripe is similar to a lot of cross-strap designs we’ve seen this season, made popular by Cheryl Cole in her video for “Promise This”. But with a more abstract, stripped-down version, Jonathan Aston has made something that won’t go the way of its musical inspiration, and lose number one after a week.

There’s plenty of other designs that the JA range have refreshed for the modern fashionista. Their entire range can be seen on our Jonathan Aston hosiery¬†collection, and not one of them is anything less than chic.

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