Breaking News: Spelling Mistakes Cost Companies Millions

This may sound like something from the Onion News Network, but it’s entirely true according to the BBC. Why is this relevant to the UK Tights Blog? Well, we aren’t immune to such shortcomings either. We’ve misspelled a fair number of newsletters and product descriptions ourself, but this one is a bit rich. Below is a shot captured from our website of the new Scream tights by Poppylicious. Check the name of the item.

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 14.43.15

Well, no wonder she looks so baffled. We’ve now changed the name of this item, and another design too, back from “Poopylicious” to their correct moniker. We can only profusely apologise to you for this outrageous breach in etiquette. As amends, we’d like to invite you to laugh at us until it counts as an abdominal workout.

The rest of the Poppylicious range has been checked and double checked and we’ve found them to be quite pleasing to the eye. So, if you’re interested in this incredible range of children’s tights for anything more than our unintended but perfectly valid comic genius, here’s your chance.

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