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Poppylicious Tyrese Tights

40 denier, Totally fun, 95% Nylon, 5% Elastane

Available Sizes:
9-11 Years

Poppylicious is our very own brand of children's wear. Like Tiffany Quinn, which is a UK Tights-only line up, Poppylicious is designed and sold exclusively by us. We've set out to develop this new range for one simple reason: we love variety and fashion but with children's clothes, it's just not out there. We've had so many phone calls and emails asking if we do this colour of tights for a school play or this kind of pattern for a fancy dress party, and turning down a customer is just not an option for us. As a result, we've worked hard at sourcing the very best design teams and gone through endless fabric samples and colour palettes to bring you and your little ones the very best choice of legwear. Here it is, named after and modelled by our Managing Director's own little girl; we present Poppylicious: the very best in children's wear.

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