Commando – The Next Big Name In Leggings (Part 1)

Commando and their items are some of the most exciting and stylish new designs we have seen in a while and some of the highest quality. We have taken on a few of their beautiful items after seeing them grow meteorically in popularity among the most stylish fashionistas. They have become a real overnight success, and there is no wonder why, once you see them for yourself.

So what is their range all about, and why are they so exciting? Well, if one of their categories stands out as their specialisation, it would be their penchant for designing great and fashionable leggings. But it is not the only thing they do. Commando has some gorgeous smoothing briefs and half slips to choose from, too. All of which perfectly blend shaping and style. But first thing is first, let’s cover what their leggings range has to offer before we talk about their shapewear in our next post.

Commando Leggings

Commando Leggings is the main range from this designer and the thing they are known for primarily. They began their life as a leggings designer, and they are all about making stunning and strikingly feminine fashion leggings. Perhaps their most well known and well-received are their faux patent leather leggings. They have faux leather leggings in their range, and they are all jaw-dropping. But there is nothing quite as striking as these. They are form-fitting and skin-tight faux leather that is shiny enough that you can see your reflection in them. So no points for guessing why they are so popular and considered so damn sexy!

They do so many items like this, with heaps of sexiness and femininity in them. They have matte black leggings, minimalist fashion leggings, and very authentic looking leather leggings, made with faux leather, of course, and so much more. But they never spread themselves too thin either. They do not create outright sportswear and concentrate instead on making pure fashion. Most of those designs are modern and minimalist, so they love black and other dark colours over something more attention-grabbing. If you want the Bond Girl look, there is no better designer than Commando Leggings.

This is how you get excellent at something by doing one thing well rather than being a jack of all trades. Then, Commando bucks that trend by offering us some of the most interesting new shapewear we have seen this year. But their shapewear range is an amazing one, and it really does deserve its post, so subscribe for our next instalment when we take a look at the Commando shapewear range.

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