How to Wear Ankle socks

One of the timeless debates about Fashion trends is the use of socks. Men don’t usually wear white socks with black shoes in case someone names Michael Jackson’s white socks. Said that retro and vintage styles have brought socks back into Fashion. Anklets, knee highs and, even over the knee socks are back to Fashion magazines!

We know it isn’t always easy to style your anklets. So, we have had a look at the way Fashion designers and Fashion bloggers style their ankle socks.

How to Wear Black Ankle Socks

Oroblu Velvet Ankle Socks

Vogue says black anklets are one of the hot trends for 2014/15. You can wear black ankle socks with male-inspired shoes, such as Oxfords or Brogues. This can work for a working day, don’t you think?

Street Style: Get a Casual Look 

Oroblu Light Fine Cotton Knee Highs

Ankle socks are a great option for an urban look. You can wear socks with your favourite ankle boots for a win-win look: toasty toes and comfort with a cool touch. The best? This trend suits both men and woman. Feeling cold? Don’t worry: Tights, socks and boots are a must-wear! One quick tip: you can roll down your knee highs to make them look like anklet length socks.

How to Style Lace Socks

Jonathan Aston Sweet Roses Anklet

Lace socks are so chic! Style them with heels for a romantic Spring-Summer look. Lace hosiery is perfect to combine with vintage clothes, too.

From 60’s to 70’s: How Bloggers Wear Socks

Cobalt Coloured Blue Ankle High Socks

Spotty ankle socks, white socks, coloured socks, lace top socks… no one styles ankle socks like Fashion bloggers. You can try any of these retro-inspired looks all year round and decide for yourself what socks match your personal style. There’s plenty to choose from! Just great creative, don’t be afraid of showing off your socks and try them all mixing and matching with your shoes!

So, what do you say… Anklets YES or NO? And, of course… Ankle socks + Sandals YES or NO? 


  • Antome

    As I guy, I can only suggest to rock them, I think they are very cute, personally. I’m seeing this style around more and more.
    I’d say though, I prefer when the socks are kept easy going and are not overly laced or with ruffles, which imho might make them come across as frumpy. I like when they are opaque, mostly plain color but also with some nice stripes or informal patterns.
    Both with shoes and sandals, I like the visual effect it gives to your ankles. Plus it only covers the feet, not the legs.

    • UK Tights

      Ruffles are kind of a childish design, so we can see why you don’t like this style for yourself. Plain opaque socks in intense colours are very trendy this season. Take a look at our posts about London Fashon Week 2016 and the European catwalks. They were everywhere in this year’s catwalks!
      Thanks for your comment, Antome.
      UK Tights team

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