Over The Knee Socks

Over the knee socks are the perfect type of legwear item for achieving a very particular kind of look or creating a certain style or outfit. They are quite the specific fashion choice, but like all niche items, they have the power to make your outfit superb and head turning. It can give your ensemble a much more youthful look, and instantly helps to add a little extra warmth to your legs where regular socks with their low coverage simply wouldn't do. Another fantastic thing about long socks is that, being so much longer, they give you more of a canvas to work with. This means that colours stands out more, as well as patterns and motifs becoming instantly more noticeable. If you want something like a classic skirt and sock combo, for that youthful and care free look, then some white, cream, or ivory coloured options are perfect and over the knee socks are simply unbeatable with a tartan skirt or some other classic looking item like this. Or if you want something just as classic but much more versatile, you can go for the over the knee socks with a sun dress, something that is wearable by anyone. Over the knee socks are a truly great item and so very versatile for so many different occasions, that really, every woman should have a pair to combine with different outfits and options.

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