Just One Reason To Remember the Name Lutecia

There’s a certain something about some of the designers we’re working with. It’s clear why a person falls in love with a brand or a fashion house.

The detail!

Why That?

It’s the early days of July and that means all of our Spring/Summer items are in, and Autumn/Winter won’t arrive for another couple of months. But as luck would have it, some of our brands just don’t run out of fuel!

Le Bourget are always designing and releasing new fashion tights, and as a treat, they’ve given us a tremendous new seamed tights design. A slice of high fashion.

Her name is Lutecia!


We’ll leave the detailed additions to one side for now. Let’s talk about the overall piece first.

Le Bourget’s seamed tights have always been the envy of the hosiery world. The legacy of Parisian hosiery seems to have picked Le Bourget to keep its traditions alive. The seam is expertly placed on both the tights and the hold up versions. Quality never lies with seamed tights. The golden rule of leg wear is back seams always get the spotlight. Don’t crowd them with distractions. With that in mind, the design team have to get this delicate black line travelling down your legs perfectly.

How does Lutecia‘s perform? Well, we wouldn’t review them if they weren’t fantastic!

We think this kind of attention to quality goes hand in hand with attention to detail. It’s an essential part of the recipe and Le Bourget hones in on it at every turn. The fabric is magnificent and exactly what we would expect from our people in Paris.

We’re going to talk about one of two subtle details that we think really captures people’s attention and make them remember whose responsible for their gorgeous seamed tights!

The first detail is the bow. About a quarter way up your leg, a precious bow sits, highlighting that place between the curve of the calf and the slender cuff of your ankle. It’s just the right size for its location. Too small and it would look half hearted. Too large and it would be garish and inelegant.

Le Bourget’s skill, balance and poise have handled this part of the design flawlessly!

And the Best, Saved for Last

And here we arrive! There’s been one thing about this design that sets it apart from all the other seamed tights in the industry. The small pearl-like orbs running up the Achilles heel. Well, they aren’t pearl-like at all.

They’re real pearls!

You can see what we mean about the details making all the difference, yes? Most manufacturers will add faux pearls or gems to their designs, but they’ll make them from plastics or glass. Le Bourget’s seamed tights have genuine precious stones, dropped onto the seam, shimmering in the candlelight, capturing peoples glances.

We’ve seen a lot of the former choice before. Faux stones can still look beautiful and are great with a lot of outfits, but having the real thing, so expertly crafted… Nothing compares to it.

It’s just a small change that completely revolutionises your look, and your legs!


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