The Best Brands Of Lingerie For Bigger Cup Sizes

Bras With Bigger Cups

We have a lot of brands that make bras here at UK Tights. This is thanks to our recent merger with our sister company, UK Lingerie. We have plenty of bra designers, and among them, we have more than a few bras with bigger cups for bigger busts. We always have loved choice, so making sure we have at least a few of those designers is a big deal for us. We’ve recently done an exhaustive survey of our site, using our new redesigned filter, which only takes a few clicks to find the thing you need!

We were looking for a few names we could recommend for a designer that does the best range in bras with bigger cups. We are defining bigger busts as an E cup or above, and we came up with a few you might love. Here are three brands with the most number of bigger bust bras to choose from.

Empreinte, One Of The Most Stylish Designers Of Bigger Cups

Empreinte is a wonderful designer of bras that offer you plenty of support in those bigger cups and sizes. They also love to make their bras gorgeous fashion items too. These bras are stunning, and they have convinced many that comfy doesn’t have to mean plain. Their fit and feel are great, too, so don’t imagine you are sacrificing function for form. But every woman needs beauty in her wardrobe, too, so we are glad Empreinte is here to offer the perfect balance. They have 14 items making them the third-largest offering.

Felina, Classic French Lacy Style

Felina is all about shaping and comfort. They, too, have gorgeous designs, but they have always been about supreme fit first. We love this about Felina. We always like a brand that picks one quality they find important and makes the best item in that category. Perfect for unbeatable comfort and a bra designed by those who know how to offer support and comfort. We know that this is very important for women who need bigger cups, so keep an eye on this brand. They have the second biggest range at 20 items.

Bigger Cups

Aubade, The Best At Bigger Cups

Aubade is the great surprise of this search of ours. They have always been a designer that embodies luxury. Think of Parisian designers that make the most daring and feminine designs. Rich and gorgeous materials like French lace and guipure. The most sensual designs but with every bit as much sophistication. Whatever you are imagining, it is Aubade that will make it. They are by no means strangers to good fit and variety, though. They have shown us that beauty never needs sacrificing for something more practical. But we also never imagined they would top our range of bras for big breasts. And with almost 50% as much again as the next contender. This designer never ceases to amaze us. They have our largest larger cupped bras range with 29 items.

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