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Gerbe Hosiery

I was checking my email the other day, and I noticed a message from the UK Tights blog. One of my subscribers had sent a request for a post. He asked me if I could do a piece on men’s tights. So I emailed him back and said I’d be happy to!

Afterwards, I realised that Dawn posted on men’s tights a few months ago, and it got some pretty positive feedback, so I thought it might be time to recycle that old post and write one for my own subscribers.

Another thing I realised was I haven’t been giving my readers a proper way to request posts from me! This is a big deal because I always like to connect with readers, so send me an email by clicking “Contact” on the right of the page. If there’s anything tights-related you’d like me to post on, just send me a request.

So, on to tights for men!

As Dawn mentioned, men’s tights (or mantyhose) aren’t exactly new. It’s been the height of fashion for a couple hundred years for gentlemen to be seen wearing high-quality hose! So it’s not much of a surprise this trend is making a return.

Now, you might think men’s tights are probably difficult to get hold of, and only a few specialist stores can get them for you. You’d be wrong! it’s not just specialist shops that sell these.

UK Tights has sold some of the best quality men’s tights for years, and they sell very well. Even larger stores, like Selfridges are selling mantyhose. Now, I like to shop in big department stores as much as the next person. But when those bigger stores start charging £70 pounds for something that’s £35 on the internet, the fun sorta goes out of shopping.

Gerbe Tights for Men, at UK Tights!

Well, good news, UK Tights stocks Gerbe Men’s Tights, from Paris, the most professionally made men’s tights in the world, ranging from £20 and £35.

Oh, I feel a review coming on!

And, if there’s one brand that makes any kind of hosiery better than the rest, it’s Gerbe!

Gerbe Men’s 100 Denier Opaque Silk Tights are our best selling male product. Gerbe don’t release too many patterns with their fashion tights, but they are renowned for fantastic quality, so it doesn’t surprise me that this product is so popular.

It being pure silk might also have something to do with its quality.

Great quality and fantastic finish

Another item that’s both Winter-ready and that’s renowned for its comfort and feel, is the 70 Denier Opaque Tights. These tights are nylon based, and are as well-made as their silk counterparts. Definitely a good investment if it’s Winter tights you’re looking for, as nylon is a little more insulated than silk. So, you’ll stay much warmer and fashionable!

Then again, if you don’t want to be too snug, the best alternative is the 70 Denier Opaque Footless Tights. No one likes their feet too warm, they might get clammy! So if you need something for cooler weather, but prefer to keep your toes free, these are most certainly for you!

Gerbe Tights for Men are an option in Summer, too

The last Gerbe item is more of a Summer feature, so if you live in warmer climes, I’ve got you covered. Men’s Satin 20 Denier Tights are exceptionally well-made and one of our best selling products. This I’d definitely recommend for comfort, fit and your wearing pleasure.

Well, as men’s tights go, this is it from Gerbe. But another brand of ours, WoMan, specialises in another fantastic innovation, unisex tights! But that’s a post for another day!

I do hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and if you’re are gentlemen interested in trying some top-notch hosiery, Gerbe is definitely a good place to start. The only trouble is, Gerbe tights for men are very nicely made so you might end up spoiling yourself!


  • BIll

    Thanks for the coverage of men’s tights. Its really good that there are retailers like UK Tights who recognise that lots of men like wearing tights. I can recommend the Gerbe tights. The Woman Dimension tights are also fantastic, great fit and feel amazing. Lots of tights made for women also fit me well, providing you check the sizing carefully. Charnos and Falke are particularly good quality. Thanks to UK tights, men buying tights for themselves is something that seems to becoming more mainstream and accepted.

    • Author

      Thanks BIll,

      Good to hear you found my post interesting and its good to see I’ve written something that someone really appreciates. This post was done by request, so you are welcome to send anything through to me, asking for custom posts on anything related to the blog.

      Not to spoil any surprises, but my posts will become a lot more diverse in the next few weeks. A lot more individual product reviews, more “How To” stuff and some interesting stories. I’d like to get readers more involved too, any thoughts?

      Thanks again

  • Bill

    Thanks. Well i would be happy to become a reviewer for the site if needed and willing to provide a man’s perspective on tights. I just ordered some Kunert tights to see how well they fit.

  • Author


    Sure, you’re are more than welcome to review anything I post here. I’d love to hear reader criticism.

    Kunert are an excellent brand, should fit very well, as they’re exceptionally made.


  • NickyDTV

    Hi – always interested to hear about durability – eg PP do fab 7den tights – but they ladder in a gust of wind..etc 🙂 Keep it up – adore the blog – cant have enough tights!

    • Author

      Hi evilhomura89,

      I might be doing some of these in the near future, actually.

      The problem is, we don’t get a lot of new men’s stuff in, but we might be looking at some new designs soon.

      I’ll see what I can do for you.


  • BIll

    Yes, it would be good to have more blog coverage of men and tights. However, as you say you don’t get a lot of new tights arriving that are specifically for men. Yet, in my experience these so-called men’s tights (apart from Gerbe and WoMan) aren’t really that much better in quality. Sure in some of them you get a fly opening, but if one is careful with sizing then tights made for women are perfectly okay for men and often the fit is amazingly good – I would particularly recommend Falke and Charnos in this respect. The Falke 100 denier matt opaque tights are amazing for cold weather.

  • Guy

    Hi, if you need any more male reviews doing, I be happy to do some. I also have done some photos for a well know company which will be published at somepoint.

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