What Wolford Sheer Tights Are You?


When looking for good quality sheer tights, Wolford sheer tights are a to-go option for many people. After all, it’s difficult to find such quality and comfort in a pair of tights. In the past, you have confessed to us how difficult was choosing between one or other style. While choosing the right pair of sheer tights for you is never an easy job, choosing them from Wolford‘s wide catalogue of sheer tights still doesn’t seem any easier. Luckily, we have put together a quick guide to find out what Wolford sheer tights are best for you. 

Ultra Sheer And Slightly Sheen: Wolford Nude 8

Wolford Ultra Sheer Nude 8 Tights

Nude 8 is one of Wolford‘s most recent styles. This style joined our collection of essential hosiery in 2016, along with other ultra-sheer styles, such as the Wolford Pure 10. Its finish is slightly sheen, which means it’s less matt than other styles without looking glossy. It creates a natural bare leg effect, almost like wearing make-up! If you tried them and you liked them, the next step is treating yourself with the Wolford Skintones Nude 8 Kit, including one pair of tights, knee highs and footsies in an elegant box.

  • Our verdict: Great style for warm days. Unbeatable price, too!

Ultra Sheer Matt Tights: The Most-Wanted Style!

Wolford ulltra sheer matt luxe 9 tights black

Wolford really loves ultra-sheer matt tights. We stock four of these styles and we only have good words towards each and every one of them! From the basic (yet amazing) Transparency 10 to the innovative Pure 10, with a new bonding technique. If you are looking for a good pair of ultra-sheer matt tights, you can’t forget to check out these two styles: the Individual 10 tights, which are absolutely elegant, and the Elastane-free Luxe 9 (in the picture above). Toeless and control top versions of this last style are also available at UK Tights.

  • Our verdict: Whatever style you go for, make sure you choose the right tone for that perfect natural finish!

Sheer Matt Tights: With or Without Seams?

Wolford Sheer Matt 15 denier Tights in caramel colour

Not as popular as the ultra-sheer tights, but still highly demanded, Wolford sheer matt tights are spring must-haves. After all, the Wolford Sheer 15 3×2 pack are a great deal; a life-saver! Are you after seamless sheer matt tights? No problem! The Wolford Fatal 15 Seamless Tights (in the picture above) is all you need. We aren’t the only ones who love them; their 5-star review proves how amazing seamless Fatal 15 tights are!

  • Our verdict: 15 denier tights are the perfect option for a bare-leg look in early spring or early autumn when it feels too chilly to wear ultra-sheer hosiery.

Our Wolford Best-Selling Sheer Glossy Tights

Bestelling Wolford Sheer Satin Touch 20 Tights New Nude Shade

Last but not least, our Wolford best-selling sheer glossy tights, the Satin Touch 20 Tights. Not only these tights are our number one in terms of sales, but also our number one choice of sheer tights in winter. After all, who said you can’t wear sheer tights when it’s cold? The satin finish makes these look very elegant and classy. Besides, they are available in 12 colours, seven of which are nude/tan.

What are your favourite Wolford Sheer Tights?


  • corsair

    For me, Wolford tights are so magical with her incredible softness. The diversity of their models and colors is simply incredible. Their masterpiece is the fatal 15 model so enjoyable to wear. Just a very big regret, the fatal 15 does not exist in white. Please Wolford

  • Beth

    Wolford Satin Touch in the 20 denier and Neon 40 denier are the sexiest! Especially in nude, tan, bronze, cashmere!! Love the look and feel of them on my wife’s legs!

  • G Rooke

    I absolutely love the 20 denier satin touch tights, they fit really well and feel gorgeous. I have them in black, steel, admiral, gobi and cosmetic and they all look great. My favourite colours are gobi and cosmetic.

  • Nicole

    My go-to is Satin Touch 20 in caramel. Nice touch of color without being too dark. Based on this article I may try the Wolford Nude 8 for times when I want less of the Satin Touch 20 glossy finish.

  • Dave

    The sheer Matt seamless tights look fantastic but I’d be afraid of ruining them on the first wearing.

  • W Ferguson

    I love Wearing 10 and 15 denier Tan Tights. Matt and Gloss look are great! 10 denier tights are great to wear, close in on the legs, barely visible, they don’t feel uncomfortable when wearing them all day as they are so thin. Well recommended selection if you are wearing tights all day.

    10 Denier Tights

  • Randy

    Any tights that are glossy I have many and wear glossy tights of all colors and styles. They look great on my legs and accent them well the glossy fashion look is my favorite to wear.

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