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    The Wolford Sustainability Project

    “I was realizing that consumer goods have a longer life than our own relationships. Sooner or later, everything decays. We need to have a look at the way we consume and relate to others.” – Verena Smit…

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    Leg Wear Looks From The Met Gala 2023

    The Met Gala 2023 has recently concluded. As usual, it showcased an awe-inspiring exhibition of lavishness in fashion. For those unfamiliar with this yearly extravaganza, it is widely regarded as the most inventive evening in the fashion…

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    The UK Tights January Sale 2023 Is Here

    The January sale 2023 is usually the longest running sale of the year for us. Although there might be busier ones, like our Black Friday sale or our Boxing Day discounts, this is because they are a…

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    The New UK Beachwear Blog

    We have some very exciting news about the development of UK Tights today. Well, the development of another project of ours. It is some news about UK Beachwear, to be precise. For those who don’t know, this…

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    UK Tights Is On YouTube

    UK Tights is on YouTube. As you may have found from previous posts on this blog, UK Tights is a very customer orientated company. And taking this into consideration, we don’t just want to provide you with…

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    Beachwear Offer

    With a much warmer summer upon us in the UK than we are used to. Our beaches are more frequented than ever. This means that some swimwear companies are enjoying a 50% increase in sales. And unfortunately…