Spanx Problem Solving Guide

Hello and welcome to our Spanx problem-solving guide. This graphic contains all the knowledge and insight you need to ensure you benefit from Spanx.

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Spanx problem solving guide

A Spanx problem-solving guide, by UK Lingerie

So, after you’ve taken a quick look, you may have a general idea of which Spanx do you need to solve your “problems”. Remember the golden rule of buying Spanx: get the size that you are, instead of the size you want to be. We know it’s quite tempting, but this would only make it worse. The idea is to work with what you already have; not to fight against it. You need to consider what you are blessed before you decide which Spanx best suits your need.

Spanx shapewear comes in three different levels of control:

  • Smooth (Level 1): “A light hug” >> Choose this for everyday wear
  • Shape (Level 2): “A firm hug” >> Great for a night out with the girls
  • Sculpt (Level 3: “A super firm hug” >> For that special occasion

When you just want a “Wow” effect, why not double up for a maximum effect?

If you are apple-shaped:

Your body is apple-shaped when you have a large bust, full/undefined waist, flat/shapeless bottom, shapeless hips and absolutely great legs.

You surely want a shapely bust, a slimmer and more shaped waist, a more defined derriere, smoother hips and, don’t forget this: to show your legs off! They’re your best asset!

If you are hourglass-shaped:

Your body is hourglass-shaped when you have a large bust, a shapely waist, curvaceous hips, rounded bottom and shapely legs.

You probably are after a more defined bust, enhancing your already drawn waist, smoother hips, a bottom lift and show of our legs.

If you are strawberry-shaped:

Your body is hourglass-shaped when you have a large bust, a shapeless waist, narrow hips, shapeless or flat bottom and slim legs.

Ideally, you’d like shapewear that supports your bust, shapes your waist, smooths your hips and lifts your bottom. You have great legs, so let’s show them off!

If you are rectangular-shaped:

Your body is hourglass-shaped when you have a small bust, a straight waist, narrow hips, a flat bottom and slender legs.

You want an enhanced bust, a cinched waist, smooth hips and a lifted bottom. You already have fantastic legs!

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