Trasparenze Marimba Skirt

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* Deep lace band
* Shiny faux leather
* Knee length
* Sophisticated
Finally, Trasparenze have extended their talents to the core of our wardrobes with their first skirt design. Marimba is simple and versatile, always a good choice for the first item in their new range, but it is also playfully ornate, making sure it doesn't disappear amongst other items in your ensemble. The choice of black keeps it timeless whilst the leather and the lace keep it incredibly interesting. A promising and exciting first offering from hosiery designer Trasparenze.

Size Chart
SizeHeightWeight (lbs)Weight (Kg)
S 24'10"-5'4"98 - 12144 - 55
M 34'10"-5'6"110 - 14350 - 65
L 45'0"-5'8"121 - 16555 - 75
Maxi5'6"-6'0"154 - 21570 - 100
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Trasparenze Marimba Skirt
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