La Marquise

La Marquise Comfort Stretch Lacy Maxi Brief 3 Pack
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La Marquise are the type of designer that we really love. Instead of being all things to all men, they are a superbly focused and laser concentrated designer with heaps of originality that they pour into one particular type of lingerie. La Marquise specialises entirely in Nightwear. It is a designer that makes nightgowns, bath robes, pyjama sets and night robes. This is their core and really their one true concern as a designer. And they have put their heart and soul into this one pursuit as a designer too. This has resulted in one of the most wonderful nightwear range we have. La Marquise is full of femininity, with designs that are comfy and high quality, full of fashion friendly patterns and yet all have a naturally timeless look to them too. Each and every La Marquise nightwear design seems to have these qualities in heaps. They are not just practical and comfy, and they are not just richly decorated but unwearable. They are a beautiful and perfect marriage between all of these qualities, and we absolutely love them for it. They are one of our first choices for a brand that we'd recommend to someone who wants some of the very best nightwear they can find. And what's more, they are superbly affordable too, making it some of the best nightwear you will ever find.

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