Sandal Toe Stockings

Pearl And Poseidon Selene Wet Look Roll Top Stockings
Pearl And Poseidon Selene Wet Look Roll Top StockingsBlack Grey Ocean-Blue Fuchsia Lavender Red Suntan Nude White

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Charnos Bridal Lace Top Stockings
Charnos Bridal Lace Top StockingsChampagne-Ivory Ivory

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Sandal toe stockings are one of the most popular and best selling types of stockings, and are also among the best selling items of legwear of any type of hosiery. But what exactly makes the difference between a regular pair of stockings and sandal toe stockings? Simply put, the toes are stitched in a way that makes them look invisible. They either put the stitching under the toe or they dye the material so that the seam blends into the toe perfectly. These are not to be confused with other toeless legwear such as open toe tights that are entirely without material across the toe. This is not something currently possible to make in a stocking. What could combine classic legwear with subtlety better than sandal toe stockings? The timeless fashion of stockings is undeniable, yet it is a tradition to keep the darker foot and toe area, however that is becoming less and less popular. With sandal toe stockings, this is removed for a completely invisible foot, meaning you can wear peep toe shoes and other footwear that would normally not go well with your hosiery. Sandal toe stockings are some of the most freeing and fashionable legwear items in the world.

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