Elaine Edwards Suspender Belts

Every good pair of stockings and every well designed bra and brief set needs one specific accompaniment to complete the look. That item is the beautiful and never amiss suspender belts. This item is practical in its roots of course, being used to keep your stockings up, but since its invention it has become so much more than that. Today, it is as much a decorative item as it is a practical one, with designers truly letting their hair down and putting all their creativity into these garments. But there is one designer that we absolutely love that makes suspender belts that are beyond any others we have seen in terms of creativity, and that is the Elaine Edwards Lingerie Collection.

Elaine Edwards makes some of the most creative and beautiful belts your have ever seen, and their work is unrivalled in terms of detail and dedication. So what sets them apart from others in their field exactly? Well, Elaine Edwards makes for only a handful of clients, UK Tights being one of them. This is a conscious choice from the designer, as it means they can concentrate of private label first and foremost. They make items that are specified by the manufacturer, meaning the range is wide and varied, with what is essentially a design team larger than any other manufacturer can boast. They are not all private label though, hence the name Elaine Edwards that is present on each label, the name of the founder and chief designer. These designs you see here are made by the design team for their core range, but even then, these garter belts are not found in many places and are rarely available to the general public outside of a few online outlets.

So what is it that makes their designs so great apart from the variety you get with private label? Simple, they are some of the most exciting, creative and beautiful designs around. From explosions of colour, to intricate lace, to designs so unconventional they might appear on a canvas but never on a suspender belt. They make lingerie for everyone, no matter your tastes or sense of style. Another amazing thing about Elaine Edwards' suspender belts is the price point. They make their items with quality, dedication and make them largely by hand with small batches, but that changes very little when it comes to how much they charge for their items. Most of their suspender belts are between £25 and £45, whereas a handmade item of this quality might ordinarily be twice as much.

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