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Cecilia de Rafael Camouflage Tights

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* 70 denier
* Camouflage pattern
* Opaque
* Cotton gusset
* 54% Nylon
* 38% Polypropylene
* 8% Elastane
Too much of today's design aesthetic is delicate and twee, and few designers are releasing truly daring and striking works of art... but not Cecilia de Rafael. This Spanish fashion house has picked something far more bold and outspoken this season with their new Camouflage Tights. Forest camo has always been something associated with masculinity, but it needn't be. The strong and striking camouflage pattern womens tight is perfect for women who want to equalize the fashion world and wear all the designs that appeal to them, without having to be told that it's "not for them". This pattern is perfect for those who know what they want to wear and don't care much about what we think of it!

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Cecilia de Rafael Camouflage Tights
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