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Levante Smoothline Sheer Hold Ups

X Tall
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* 15 denier
* Silicone free, hypoallergenic
* Seamless top
* Comfortable and smooth
* Satin sheer
* Non-allergenic gel
* Sheer reinforced toe
* 95% Polyamide
* 5% Elastane
Smoothline is easily the most unobtrusive designs in the leg wear world this year. A flat hold up top, a satin smooth material and a non-allergenic hold up band makes these hold ups the ideal item for those who want something unobtrusive and elegant. These hold ups are almost like a second skin and fit better than most anything else we have. But the best thing about them is, the gel in the hold up tops is silicone free, making them one of the only hypoallergenic hold ups ever made!
Small4'9"-5'3"6,4 - 7,12
Medium5'0"-5'7"6,5 - 9,6
Tall5'0"-5'9"7,12 - 11,11
55 - 75Kg
XLarge5'3"-5'11"8,9 - 14,3
55 - 90Kg
A West November 28, 2017
Rating: 2 Loved the appearance and feel but the 'New' non-allergenic, non slip gel coated band was dreadful and just rolled down. Couldn't wear them. Very disappointing.


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