Wolford Night Glow Tights

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* 20 denier
* Bright and attractive
* Henna-like design
* Glow in the dark
* 89% Nylon
* 11% Elastane
We have claimed quite a few times that a certain tights design is innovative and forward thinking, and we have plenty of those, to be sure. But when we take a look at the Night Glow Tights from Wolford, we are somewhat lost for words. The pattern is beautiful and ornate by itself, with motifs inspired by East Asian art like much of Wolford's range is this season, but that's not what's so special about this design. The dots are all made from a material that is white in the day and yet glows green in the dark. These are the first tights that glow in the dark that we have ever had. They are a stunning item and of course they will be fantastic for an evening out so you can get the most of this incredible innovation.

SizeFeetCmKgslbsUK Dress
XS4'11" 5'3"150 16045 6099 - 1326 to 8
S4'11" 5'9"150 17545 7099 - 15410 to 12
M4'11" 6'3"150 19045 8099 - 17614 to 16
L5'5" 6'3"155 19065 90143 - 19816 to 18
XL5'5" 6'3"155 19075 90165 - 19820 to 22
XXL5'5" 6'3"165 19090 100+198 - 220+24 to 26


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