Damella Soft And Shiny Nightdress

Damella Soft And Shiny Nightdress

Super soft, Daisy pattern, V neck, Long sleeves, Short length

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Damella, more officially known by their full name of Damella of Sweden, are a Swedish brand of ladies nightwear that has become one of the most amazingly well loved designers in the world over the past 80 years. One of the reasons for this popularity is precisely that fact, that Damella has been around for so very long. Eight decades is a long time to get good at something, and designers, like people, get better and more skilled the more they do the same thing over time. Clothing designers are one of the best examples of this, with Savile Row being a case study of companies that have insisted on excellence for a very long time being the ones that get the best reputation, attract the best talent and gain the most nuanced understand of how clothing should be made. The result is astounding in all the cases you can think of, and Damella is no different.

Young brands are great too, with passion and drive being emblematic of the world of the entrepreneur and young designer. But there's nothing that compares to great and senior fashion design from time served names like Damella lingerie. So what is their range about? They make for women mostly, and that heavy concentration is another reason they have been so successful, by concentrating on one thing and getting it done really well. But they are by no means a one trick pony. Damella makes pyjamas, nightdresses, beachwear, robes and clothing and their range of each is as extensive as it is high quality and beautiful. Damella of Sweden have one of the biggest ranges of items spread across these several different types of clothing we've ever had. This is unusual for a designer as each name normally concentrates on just one type of clothing primarily. But Damella is not a bra designer, or a robe designer or anything of the sort. They are a designer of lingerie and swimwear, and that kind of breadth is a rare thing, especially when you see the amazing number of designs and the quality of each design. And that is the most amazing part about Damella, their quality.

They say that the Germanic nations and the Scandinavian countries make some of the highest quality clothing in the world, and highest quality anything, for that matter. Well it seems to be the case that it is true in this instance. Damella carry their whole nation's reputation forward and really do the manufacturing legacy and craftsmanship of Sweden justice.

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