Danielle Creations

Danielle Creations are something of a new venture or a new frontier for UK Tights. They don't make legwear, or clothing accessories like suspender belts, but their products are ideal for the woman who wants the most out of her fashionable wardrobe. Their range includes tote bags for carrying a few extra convenient items, compact mirrors for touching up your make up, and other accessories all compliment your search for style and help make looking fantastic an absolute breeze. Danielle Creations concentrates on just these accessories, no core clothing products at all. That way, they can pour all they have into innovation. And they really have done just that. They have some amazing accessories that all add something creative to your outfit or to your days out and about. Their totes are insulated, for example, so if you are not staching other items in it, but keeping your lunch in there instead, it stays at just the right temperature. Some of their mirrors have keyring attachments for easy access so you need not fumble through your bag forever just for a quick touch up. Tweezers with built in lights, making the smaller tasks that bit easier to deal with. Danielle Creations should have a different name. They're much more suited to Danielle Creatives. They're dedicated to coming up with clever solutions to the little problems of life, not the same old quick fixes, and they're doing a fantastic job of it.

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