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Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Hold Ups
Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Hold UpsBlack Capri Nude Plage Blossom Poudre Skin Cream

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Fogal All Nude 10 Denier Tights
Fogal All Nude 10 Denier TightsBlack Chocolat Capri Nude Plage Blossom Poudre Skin

Verified Reviews:

Making the most of something that is already very beautiful is a difficult thing, and this is the goal that Fogal has set themselves with Fogal All Nude. They are the most amazing tanned and nude coloured tights in the world, without a doubt. They are truly and unequivocally beautiful, bringing a richness and an enhancing sheen to your legs that take them from their own beautiful, natural tone to something even more gorgeous. Every woman's legs are beautiful, no matter your shape or size, so it is a challenge for any designer to bring something to them that is enhancing rather than useless, or even worse, something that actually takes away from your appearnce. Tan tights and nude tights can do this quite easily, more easily than most people think. If you have a pair of tights that are too shiny, they can look tacky and garish, and finding something that doesn't match the skin tone or at least compliment it can make these overly glossy tights jump out at you. Of course, there is nothing wrong with high gloss tights, and there are plenty of beautiful ones out there, but if the colours are drab or the material is noticeably poor quality or easily laddered, it can be a real shame. This is why you need a master designer making your leg wear. Your legs deserve a lustre and an colouring effect that brings out the very best in your skin's own natural beauty. That is why Fogal have dedicated their recent efforts to a brand new flagship range, All Nude. These tights come in every shade and tone imaginable. They are rich and so much more three dimensional than many other brands out there, with subtle design choices, like a finish that is just perfect for any occasion and a range of colours that actually caters to people of different skin colours and ethnicities, rather than simply making something for caucasian women and a few tan shades. This is is one of the most all important parts of a range of tan tights and nude tights, but unfortunately leg wear designers that make these nude shades with women of Asian and African descent in mind are few and very far between. That's why Fogal is beloved amongst the leg wear world and why there quality is assured. But how is theit range of colours an indication of their quality? Well, if your favourite designer knows their audience well enough to realise that a handful of lighter colours isn't enough, that means they will have the attention to detail that makes for great leg wear.

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