Garters are one of the most traditional and beautiful leg wear accessories in the industry. They remind everyone of a certain classical period of fashion and give you the opportunity to indulge in some vintage fun. They are, however, a very niche item with only a handful of occasions in which you might wear them. So what exactly should you be looking at garters for? The number one answer is weddings. They are traditionally worn under your wedding dress high up on the thigh and are white or ivory. Wedding garters are a very traditional finish to the item and are a purely decorative item usually made of lace that only the groom gets to see. Whilst they are most often worn for weddings, garters are becoming more and more popular for other kinds of attire. Ball gowns and cocktail dresses are great foundations for an outfit that'll include a garter and they look a great deal more stunning because of it. They are also coming back in a niche way for enthusiasts of old school clothing, people who want to recreate the very old fashioned looks in a hobbyist setting. Garters were much more popular in previous decades as a feminine accessory to any formal outfit, and some enthusiasts want that time to return.

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