All About Alex



Hi I'm Alex

I am the digital marketing executive at UK Tights, UK Swimwear and UK Lingerie. I started with the company in 2016 on an apprenticeship in digital marketing which I have now completed.

After leaving that dark hell hole that people only say in hushed, frightful whispers, Sixth Form I decided to join the family organisation and start my career in the wonderful world of digital marketing. I hear you ask, what is digital marketing? I too would like to know the answer to that!

I believe in hard work and dedication, and my boss is definitely not reading this! This is my belief, and my own only, I swear no one has forced me to say this!

In my spare time, I generally don't move from my computer seat. In fact, my lack of movement has become so much, it has formed a small black hole, which scientists are baffled has not destroyed all life as we know it. I'd say that makes me a hero. However, if I'm forced to move you can usually find me socialising with my friends and sampling the odd beverage or two.

Although my hopes and dreams were shattered a while ago, one day I hope to break the shackles of the concept of work, and live the rest of my days as a wise old hermit in the desert, giving sage advice to young travellers who come across my path. Either that, or maybe get a pay rise. Whichever comes first.

Why you're reading the biography of a 21 year old on a retailing website, I do not know, but leave the page immediately and go buy some cool products. Hurry up now, go on!

Love, yours truly, Alex xxx