Freya is a lingerie designer that is all about bras for the bigger bust. Their range features briefs as well as bras, for those matching sets. But primarily, Freya has one mission in mind, and that is making items of lingerie that are simply stunning, and sexy, for those women with a bigger but. If you want bigger busted bras, then there are fewer names to go for than most people realise. And fewer still that insist on feminine design as well as a great choice of sizes and a stellar fit. When you find specialist designers like this one, it is a often a great thing not just for finding bigger bust lingerie. It is also a great choice for getting a bra that is gorgeous too. Why exactly? Surely to concentrate on one particular aspect like fit or bust size means that you become a master of one thing at the expense of everything else. But no, often with very technical things like fitting bigger busts means that once that great fit is attained, the designers can concentrate on the visuals. With years of experience in offering this range, Freya have made their fit and feel one of the best in the world. Now, they have the great luxury of concentrating their efforts on bringing us beauty as well as unrivalled technical skill to your underwear. That means that since the first few years of design, Freya has found its footing and its amazing range of bras has quickly become synonymous with beautiful patterns and prints as well as beautiful fit and support. If you want both these qualities, no matter your bust size, then choose Freya bras.

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