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Matty's Candles are some of the most fun items in our accessories range. These guys make candles, as the name might suggest, as well as a collection of room mists and melts. But they aren't your average brand of smelly candles and room aromatherapy. Matty's Candles are simply the most cheeky, the most fun, and the most joyous new brand of scented candles in the world right now. The scents and flavours that they make for their candles are some of the most gorgeous and the most rich and impactful of any scented candles and room sprays we have ever seen. And they are made with unusual and non-conventional scents in mind. Some of their finest and most popular aromas are given such choice names as Pixie Farts, and Bat's Bum, and Espresso Martini. Take those unique names, and imagine the smell. They must be pretty unconventional, right? Matty's Candles are all about putting a smile on your face, from the newly freshened up room you are in, but also from a cheeky and irreverent joke or two. We love this approach to designing great candles and room mists. But of course, if you really don't like that approach and want something more subtle and less cheeky, then they have stuff for you too. The classics, like orange and bergamot, or winter pine, or something more relaxing is available. The unique items that they are offer are often sweet and wildly scented with strong flavours. But their classics are every bit as subdued and relaxed as you will feel after setting one alight. We adore their range of gorgeous aromas and we think you will too.

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