Mary Portas And Charnos Sheer 10 Tights

Mary Portas And Charnos Sheer 10 Tights

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* 10 Denier
* 59% Nylon
* 40% Lycra
* 1% Cotton
If you've ever seen Mary Portas at work, you'll know what we mean when we say she's ambitious. The woman has passion, drive and a will to turn British fashion into a powerhouse of design again. That's why her latest collaboration with Charnos could never have stopped at Armery. It had to be tights next, that's what Charnos know best and that's what Mary, Queen of Shops can surely transform. Of course, sheers come first and Mary & Charnos' first sheer design is wonderful. Plain and unadorned, they present you with the stable of fashionable legwear. Mary herself will tell you that simple is the best thing to go with. It leaves room for the rest of your outfit and it's a perfect opportunity for the designer to concentrate on quality materials that don't tear or fade. A fantastic design, but just the beginning.

Size Chart
SizeUK DressBust (Cm)Waist (Cm)Hip (Cm)
X Small 4-681-8659-6484-89
X Large14-1679-8479-84104-109

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Mary Portas And Charnos Sheer 10 Tights
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