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Maximus Mens 40 Denier Opaque Tights

Maximus Mens 40 Denier Opaque Tights


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* 40 denier
* New yarn
* Soft and warm
* No gusset
* 97% Nylon
* 3% Elastane
A brand for men, a first for UK Tights, Maximus is one of the most impressive designers in the industry. Their tights are made for men to wear for warmth, comfort or to keep you going during any outdoor pursuit. But ordinary leg warming technology isn't always enough. Maximus has designed the perfect outdoor tights for men. At 100 denier they are incredibly thick and keep you warm in sub zero temperatures. Ideal for anything that involves being outdoors, Maximus know that men leading an active lifestyle need the very best equipment, gear that won't fail them and that doesn't take up any of their time. Maximus' first release is exactly that.
SizeUK Dress
One Size 6 - 14
Plus Size 16 - 22

Online Shopper May 13, 2017
Rating: 4 These men's tights are great soft to touch and have good coverage on the leg. Ideal for any man who needs some warmth on the colder days. Would recommend

C ADCOCK January 29, 2015

M Norris December 15, 2014
Rating: 5 Keeping me warm when working in a cold workshop, would recommend.

K Carrell September 8, 2014
Rating: 1 I really hate complaining. But these things are not for men. I suppose most men would be very agitated to comment or more likely not even know if there was a difference. I compared with a pair of my partners pound a pair and found very little to convince me that this product was indeed made for men.

R Jacinto October 8, 2013
Rating: 5 I love this tights, but there is only one color of this tights, i want to see more colors and more tights for men, because not only women want to wear them!

A Copland May 21, 2013
Rating: 5 I am wheel-chair bound and I wear my Maximus Tights over light supports or as a warm alternative to the supports, to give myself a break from the supports. I would recommend them to all men and women, especially those who can't wear the cotton-rich 100 denier types because of sensitive skin or pressure sores being a problem, especially wheel-chair users. The reason for this is that the nylon doesn't absorb and hold moisture in the same way cotton can, which can lead to the problems mentioned above, even with a 100 denier thick weave. The quality of the Maximus 100 denier Tights I bought are very good, haven't snagged with my rough hands yet, wash well by hand and dry quickly and haven't shown signs of 'pilling' or 'bobbling' that can ruin the comfort of a garment. The body felt a little smaller than I'd expect, especially as I haven't got a big bum but the 'one welt-to-waist' is desirable and the waistband is a comfy fit, so I can put up with the body feeling looser. That aside, although the abscence of Elastane or Lycra is apparent to me, they are comfortable and warm and adaptable enough to wear over the support tights I have to wear, without adding too much of their own compression. Again, I feel the quality of the garments are very good and I'll be trying the Support Tights from UK Tights next.

Online Shopper April 24, 2013
Rating: 4 I reviewed these tights on the Hosiery For Men blog. My overall conclusion was:

'The Maximus 100 Denier Opaque Tights are a very decent mid-priced pair of men's tights. The fabric is good quality and they fit well. They will provide everything that most guys will be looking for in a pair of black opaque tights: fit, warmth and comfort under trousers, shorts or sports clothing. These tights are also hard-wearing and therefore represent good value.'

'The matt appearance, with only a slight sheen, means they can be worn with confidence instead of socks.'

P England January 10, 2013
Rating: 5 Good product, cheap, perfect for winter.


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Maximus Mens 40 Denier Opaque Tights
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