Moulin Rouge Je T'aime Seam Sheer Tights

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* 15 Denier
* Backseam
* Slight sheen
* Reinforced toe
* Boxer brief
* No gusset
* 94% Nylon
* 6% Elastane
"Je t'aime" is French for "I love you", the perfect choice of words for something out of this familiar and loved Parisian haunt. The Moulin Rouge has been a symbol of sex appeal and intimacy for centuries and the burlesque style backseam really owes its existence to the grand old theater. For the first time in their history, the Moulin Rouge has released a range of leg wear available to the whole world and this is the perfect way to start their collection. Simple, elegant and sensual.

Size Chart
Height Weight kg
ft/ins  40  50 55 60 65 70 80 95
4'9" S S S M M
4'11" S S S M M L L  
5'3" S M M M L L L XL
5'5" M M L L L L XL XL
5'7" M L L L L XL XL XL
5'9"     L L L XL XL  
5'11"     XL XL XL XL  
6'1"     XL XL XL XL  
98 110 121 132 143 154 176 209
Weight lb
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Moulin Rouge Je T'aime Seam Sheer Tights
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