Vixen Audrey Lace Top Hold Ups

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* 15 denier
* Deep lace top
* Slight sheen
* 88% Nylon
* 12% Spandex
Inspired by another design in Vixen's new collection, Audrey is a wonderfully gentle addition to your outfit that doesn't take much attention away from your look but adds plenty to it. The flowing lace of the hold ups is a departure from the more exuberant designs Vixen are used to releasing. But unlike their more ornate hold ups and stockings, Audrey is reserved and tries to add a little extra to your dress our skirt rather than reinvent it entirely.

Size Chart
Size Height Hip
Small4'10" - 5'6"32" - 36"
Small/Medium4'11" - 5'5"32" - 40"
Medium5'0" - 5'8"36" - 42"
Medium/Large54'5" - 5'10"40" - 48"
Large5'6" - 5'10"42" - 48"
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Vixen Audrey Lace Top Hold Ups
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