Stop And Stare Black Jellyfish Tights

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* 20 denier
* Sheer to waist
* Cotton gussets
* Flat seams
* Sandal toe
* 78% Nylon
* 20% Lycra
* 2% Cotton
If you were to ask the average fashionista about what kind of animal print they want on their tights, the humble jellyfish might not make an appearance. But life is sometimes stranger than fiction and Stop & Stare have a pair to offer us right here. But as it is part of their new line up, most of them are influenced by tattoos and other body art, and the Black Jellyfish are no different. The floral and vine-line motifs that make up the shape are very modern and alternative, like you might find in many modern tattoos. It is one of the more artistic and man-made versions of an animal print, something that is usually as authentic and realistic as possible. The result is a highly stylised and attractive looking one, that has mystery and grace as part of its aura.

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Stop And Stare Black Jellyfish Tights
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