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Jonathan Aston Twill Leggings

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* Comfy cotton leggings
* Mock trouser
* Wear them from day to night
* 60% Cotton
* 30% Polyester
* 10% Elastane
Twill Leggings are one of the most versatile items we've ever seen. That's right, ever! It's a big trend at the moment to have leggings pose as trousers, and it's a trend we hope becomes a classic. They are indistinguishable at a glance from tailored pants and yet they require none of the hassle. They slip on and off like leggings so no zips that you might forget to re-fasten. A faux button so you needn't feel uncomfortable with a piece of metal digging into you when you find a seat. And even though these have belt loops, they fit perfectly to your figure so you often can go without a belt at all. They are fitted like skinny jeans for casual days, but are sleek enough for any office. These might just be the best leggings we've ever seen.
Hips inches
Small A4'10"-5'6"90 - 13030 - 40
Medium B5'0"-5'9"140 - 17038" - 44"
Large C5'4"-6'0"170 - 20042" - 48"


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Jonathan Aston Twill Leggings
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