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Leg Avenue Baroque Cuban Heel Stockings

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One Size
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* 20 denier
* Ornate heel
* Backseam
* Reinforced toe
* Flat top
* 55% Nylon
* 33% Polyester
* 12% Spandex
There's nothing quite as classic as the cuban backseam, yet there's nothing quite as stunning as a piece of Baroque art. So it's no wonder that a clever and creative designer would bring the two together at some point. Here are the Baroque Cuban Heel Stockings by Leg Avenue and the combination of versatile classic and astoundingly beautiful Renaissance design makes this one of the most exciting and interesting items of leg wear this season.
SizeUK Dress
One Size 10 - 16
Plus Size 18 - 20


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Leg Avenue Baroque Cuban Heel Stockings
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