Win or Lose

Football scarves and sports scarves really are not something we would have guessed we would be selling if you had asked us a few years ago. But recently, after experiencing some of the best knitwear we have ever seen from a designer of non-legwear items, we have to take on Win or Lose. This is a brand of non-team affiliated scarves and cosy socks, made in a variety of colour ways, so that you can have something that matches your team without having to get the often overpriced official versions. Not only that, but they are now just as versatile for wearing at another sports grounds for other sports. And of course, if they are not bound to one club or the other, you can also simply wear these woolly scarves on cold days too, or to venues and events where sports gear are not suitable. Win or Lose know that sometimes you want to show your team spirit and visit somewhere after without having a badge or logo on display, so they have made sure you have the option to go for something super versatile, as well as a scarf that is comfortable and warm too. Scarves, just like socks, are an important part of every man's wardrobe and he needs some good ones. So treat him to a comfy and high quality scarf for days out and make sure it is a Win or Lose one.

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