Activskin is the world's leading hosiery brand for men. They have been making leg wear for years, starting out as a sub-brand of ComfiLon, the American clothing manufacturer. They were founded with one objective in mind, to create a range of clothing that brings the technical expertise of support and performance clothing to the everyday comfort of other tights brands. The result is amazing. Activskin are not the only designer on mens tights, but menswear is much better off for having them. They are so technically accomplished, that they are pushing the envolpoe on what is possible and expected from men’s designers. Activskin makes men's tights that are better performing, more comfortable and longer lasting than anything else out there. How do they do this exactly? Well, the first thing they like to concetrate on is quality materials. Their fabrics are superb and are made with fit and long lasting wearability in mind. This means releasing better and better mens tights each year, with smaller improvements that transform their range bit by bit. But what does Activskin concentrate on specifically? The use of a pair of Activskin tights is mostly athletic. They make items that are ideal for outdoor activities like running, hiking, mountaineering, off roading, and mountain biking. Anything that is a tough pursuit that requires high quality and durable items of clothing. Legwear is often overlooked by outdoor types as the legs often get the biggest workout and you feel the cold a little less. But it is not always about the cold, and can sometimes be about recovery too. Keeping your legs at the right temperature aids recovery a great deal as it keeps your legs in a good state of circulation. Activskin breathes really well, so it lets your legs keep a cool temperature rather than overheat, but the fabric never lets you get too cold, so you get the perfect balance in whatever you are doing every single time. If you are looking for something to add an extra layer of comfort to your outdoor pursuits or just something comfy to wear throughout the winter, Activskin is for you.

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