Ann Chery

Ann Chery is a lingerie company born of Colombia, South America. They specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality lingerie that shapes your body to be even more fabulous. Their shapewear offering of shapewear, waist cinchers and and waist training products are useful to all shapes and sizes who need serious shapewear. There is nothing flouncy about their products. They are designed to do what they say they will do and if you have ever worn an Ann Chery garment you'll know this to be true. Ann Chery are always ahead of the fashion industry with their technological improvements and design. Their end game is to provide you, the customer, with a product that not only fits perfectly but is comfortable, innovative and fashionable. A product that looks good but does what it promises. Their products not only give you a great shape but they are comfortable to wear and make you feel fitter and better looking. This in turn, makes you feel happier with your look and therefore better in yourself. You know you can rely upon Ann Chery and their team of designers to give you a solution to your needs.

One of their best products has to be the Ann Chery Short Amalia. This product is perfect for shaping and lifting the buttocks whilst smoothing the thighs giving a wonderful silhouette. This amazing item has super firm shaping due to it's strong powernet fabric. The Short Amalia sculpts both the lower abdominal area and the buttocks as well as giving great tummy control. Then when it moves on to the thigh area there is again, that super firm fabric to help shape and sculpt the thighs. All finished off with a pretty lace to give it that feminine look. Soft cotton lining makes this product very comfortable to wear.

Ann Chery shapewear has an array of products just perfect for shaping the body but by far one of the cutest yet has to be the Ann Chery Butt Lifter Short. This is a shorter version of the Ann Chery Short Amalia item, giving all the same attributes as this product but not quite as long in the leg so not giving a great deal of shaping to the thigh. Again, a wonderful product and the concentration is more on the tummy and buttocks area.

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