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Aristoc Bodytoners 10 Denier Hourglass Tights
Aristoc Bodytoners 10 Denier Hourglass TightsBlack Nude

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Bodytoners by Aristoc are some of the very best tights out there for shaping your legs that also come at a truly affordable price. Designed by Aristoc, they are guaranteed to be superb. Aristoc is a legwear company that has been operating continuously in the UK for decades, since 1924 to be exact. This has given them a certain prestige and pedigree that you cannot simply find in a newer name. They are part of the Courtalds Group also, meaning that they have other really experienced and skilled designers that they are able to partner with from household names like Pretty Polly and Elbeo. Aristoc Bodytoners are their key range for shaping tights and have some of the best control top tights you will ever wear. The Bodytoners control top tights are brilliant for shaping and pulling your tummy, narrowing and sculpting your waist and accentuating and shaping your hips and they are simple and easy to pair with pretty much any outfit. Aristoc know that this is the recipe for any piece of great shapewear, to give you something that's practical and affordable, that also gives you the exact figure you want in the process. To many designers go for one over the other, but with Bodytoners, you will get the best of both in your shaping tights.

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