Demand For Hosiery Increases In September

September is when people start to look seriously at their winter wardrobes. It's the time when they look at which styles need updating and this always means some new tights. A good pair of designer tights is on the shopping list of every fashionista because of their versatility and their ability to make a powerful fashion statement.

So, as brand name tights start to become more and more popular around this time of year, which hosiery brands and designers are people picking?

This year, it seems some of the more creative and more luxury names are the most well loved. Take Trasparenze for instance. They are easily one of the most imaginative designers in the leg wear world and their new tights line up is stunning. The Italian brand is famed their quality yarns and designer tights that exceed everyone's expectations. Backseams and floral patterns blended together, denim and animal print on the same pair of leggings and other out of the box thinking has earned this brand its reputation as a truly creative hosiery fashion house.

This year has been a particularly good one for their range and has yielded more brilliant work that ever before. Brand name tights from other fashion producers have a hard time keeping up with this fashion house, but that's not to say they're the only name around.

The talented people at Pierre Mantoux and Le Bourget are also joining the fashion arms race by creating some truly incredible designs. Pierre Mantoux's designer hosiery is always imaginative and never at all boring. Their latest range is full of rich colours and bursting with vintage influences. They are a designer that knows the power of vintage fashion and they always turn it into something original and exciting.

The new hosiery range from Le Bourget takes fashion in another direction entirely. It looks at modern design and more ornate, traditional ones and tries to blend them. This is becoming a popular new trend at its balance between the two different styles is one of the reasons fashionable tights are in such demand this season. Mixing flowers and blockish patterns gives their work a gentle and strong feel all at the same time. Le Bourget have a talent for this style and their brand name tights are some of the most popular in leg wear's recent surge in popularity.

All these different trends have pushed hosiery forward and have sparked a lot of people's interest. This September, the start of the autumn season proper, is going to be full of creative new tights and overflowing with beautiful blends. Now is the perfect time for fashion lovers to start finding their own designer tights and revolution their entire winter wardrobe.