Babydolls derive their name from the 1956 film Baby Doll, in which Carroll Baker starred as the coquettish 'Baby Doll Meighan, daughter of a prominent cotton magnate. She was and is the object of desire not only for a rival industrialist in the film, but also for a cult audience in the 1950s right up to today, as she dons the most elegant of nightwear garments. Babydolls, as we have come to know and love them, typically come as a set comprising a bra with a see-through dress sewn into the band with a matching set of knickers or a thong. Not really designed for sleeping in, they are more the kind of nightwear that you hope might end up on the bedroom floor.

Badydoll Lingerie Styles

Still fitting with the matching dress and knickers combo, Babydolls come in many different styles. The more traditional style sets tend to have a flared skirt with a split up the front. This makes for an incredibly girly ensemble which is flirty whilst at the same time being incredibly flattering. More modern styles can often be more clingy, in the style of a mesh bodycon dress. Whilst this can be visually very striking, these styles are more suited to the extremely body confident. Babydolls can be quite plain, relying on sumptuous fabrics in contrasting textures to create a visually subtle but sensuous tactile effect. Often, they are adorned with diamante details, frills and lace for maximum visual impact.

Boost Your Body Confidence

Many women don't feel 100% confident being completely naked, this is perfectly normal. If this applies to you, a babydoll outfit could be the perfect thing. The shape of the main garment is totally designed to enhance the female form. The bra keeps your breasts supported perfectly, whilst the dress flows in a way that allows you to conceal or reveal only as much as you decide. The result can really bring out your flirtatious side! If you're not feeling quite 'in the mood' try slipping on a babydoll and you'll see exactly what we mean! If you like the idea of a babydoll but feel you would like a more refined, ladylike garment, you may like to try a chemise.

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