Cindy Tights And Stockings

Cindy Medium Support Tights

Cindy Medium Support Tights

20 denier, Support factor 8, Reinforced body & toe, 80% Nylon, 20% Spandex

Available Sizes:
One Size, Large

Barely-Black Paloma-Mink Bamboo
Cindy is the brand new brand from Legwear International, one of the fastest growing and most popular leg wear designers in the United Kingdom. This company, based in the Midlands, is one of the few companies left that makes items of leg wear, that is based in the UK. They are dedicated to quality manufacturing and affordable prices, and their new range named Cindy is the best example of this. Cindy is the budget range from Legwear International, and it concentrates on creating a range of the very basic items of leg wear that are reasonably priced, but exceed their price tag's supposed quality. This is what they aimed for and this is exactly what they achieved.

Cindy have some inexpensive tights, yet their quality is far better. This is Cindy's aim, to create tights that are straightforward everyday items, forgoing fashion collections or seasons altogether. Ignoring trends or in-vogue items means their range might be basic, but it is perfectly design and ideal for everyday wear.

Cindy's tights range is composed of items like 10 and 15 denier sheer tights, and similar essentials in stockings and hold ups. This gives the design team the chance to focus on getting better quality materials and making structural improvements to their designs first and foremost. But even better, this simplicity allows the designers to focus on other improvements too, such as the speed and efficiency of making these items, and when they are quick and super easy to make, they become even more affordable. Cindy's tights aren't going to be the choice of hosiery for a night out on the town or a date, but they are ideal for other occasions. They are great for wearing with casual outfits, or for the office, especially if you are on your feet all day with a good chance of getting a snag, such as cabin crew members, caterers or any of a multitude of other occupations. If you need something simple, easy to wear and affordable, Cindy should be your first choice.

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