Corin Virginia Brief

Corin Virginia Brief

Smooth fabric, Comfortable yet stylish

Available Sizes:
X Small/Small, Large, X Large

Black Ruby Skin
Corin specialise in the design and manufacture of women's lingerie. They offer bras, panties and corsets and their expertise lies in making unique lingerie collections mainly based on traditional French designs. For many years they have been using the experience of the great French designers and contractors of lingerie for inspiration and have now a fully fledged design department of their own headed up by their main designer Barbara Hanczka. She is the lady who takes care of the aesthetics and uniqueness of every collection they present. Their modern machinery and devices are digitally controlled by their highly trained staff to ensure the highest quality of final goods. Their product lines were finalised under the supervision of French specialist.

Corin Briefs

Corin's consumers are dealt with very much as an individual, Corins briefs needs and demands are met by a dedicated team who listen and implement customer requests. They decided that a bigger bra was needed so they made some. They also realised that these bra needed to be comfortable as well as fashionable and nice looking, so their design team set to work using materials that would be comfortable but still remain appealing. Not only are their bras stylish and delicate they are also ideally formed to give your breasts a moulded shape and will support a heavy bust easily.

Corin Fitted Bras

By far though, the most important thing about Corin bras are that they are made with safety in mind. Corin have done a lot of research into the safety of a woman's fitted bra and how a good fitting bra can help to prevent breast cancer. Repeatedly in press there were many articles informing women of wrongly fitted bras and the effects this can have on your health. Prof. Marek Zadrozny, specialist in oncological surgery stresses that although there are no studies that would indicate the development of a breast cancer caused by using an unsuitable bra, the correct choice is extremely important - Not only to prevent future complications, such as a disorder of the lymphatic system, inflammation, or swelling but also to live in greater comfort.

Mismatched or poorly manufactured bra may cause serious health disorders. The perfect bra should fit well and it should be neither too tight nor too loose. Creating such bras requires not only the best design and manufacturing technology, but also the best pattern.

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