Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate is one of the most fascinating new brands to join the UK Tights family. They are a designer that specializes in beautiful lingerie for plus size women. There are many fuller figure lingerie brands out there, but few that are creative and stylish. Curvy Kate hopes to bring the sexy items of lingerie that are usually made in size 8 or 10 to women who need a larger size. In particular, they design items made for a bigger bust, going up to an H cup in some models. They have several range made for different purposes. The Scantilly is their sexier range, concentrating on revealing items. And Essentials is the everyday range that are comfy and stylish. But it seems that everything Curvy Kate makes is sexy and feminine. They have items as beautiful as any Parisian designer that only makes petite sizes. Now, no matter your size, you can enjoy the work of a designer that appreciates feminine beauty. And one that wants every woman to enjoy beautiful lingerie. Not only that, but Curvy Kate are some of the most affordable items of their kind. Many designers that do niche clothing insist on charging the Earth. But not with this designer, you get great items that look good at a reasonable price tag. So, whether you are more curvaceous, have a bigger bust, or both then Curvy Kate has you in mind.

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