Debut Ballet Tights

Debut Childrens Ballet Tights
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Debut Childrens Ballet Tights

Regulation dance tights, Royal Academy of Dance, Fully footed, Sheer to waist, backseamed, 100% Nylon

Available Sizes:
Infants 18"- 21"

Ballet tights are some of the most technically demanding items of clothing you can ever buy and making good ones are super tricky. Debut has been doing this for a long time though, and their items and designs are a cut above the rest. Ballet tights and dance tights from this particular designer are the right way to go for one reason and one reason only. This is all that they make. Any designer that makes just one item of legwear, or one item of anything for that matter, is astronomically more likely to make something absolutely stellar. Ballet tights are the items that really need this extra boost too. Well, this particular desinger has all of this in heaps. Their dance tights are sturdy, comfy, stretchy, can withstand plenty of exercises, drills and recitals. So does this mean a pair of dance tights from Debut are extra expensive? Usually such a specialised designer means their work is really expensive, but this is simply not the case with Debut ballet tights. Debut is amazing for being able to give us all their wonderful quality whilst charging the same price tag that everyone else does for dance tights, but Debut are so much more than all the others. They are absolutely perfect for dance and ballet, whether it is practice or the big night itself.

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