DKNY Urban Essentials Sleeveless Nightdress
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DKNY Urban Essentials Sleeveless Nightdress

Short sleeves, V neckline, Pockets, Loose fit

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X Small


DKNY Pyjama Sets

DKNY has been such a huge name in the world of fashion and lingerie at for the past few decades that it's impossible to sum up the impact that this brand has had on fashion and clothing design. DKNY pyjama sets are the first items from this designer that UK Lingerie has introduced and we are very excited to bring more and more into our range from DKNY in the near future.

What have DKNY pyjama sets got to offer that other designers don't? Well, DKNY has always been famous for one thing above all else, and that is the invention of the capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is one made up of only classic and versatile pieces, instead of items that are just made for one outfit. For example, a pair of patent leather shoes can be worn without about every single item in your wardrobe, whether it is a casual outfit, a work ensemble or something even more formal like a little black dress.

DKNY pioneered this type of wardrobe and they have had a huge impact on the history of clothing and it has changed the landscape of fashion forever. DKNY pyjama sets do the same thing. They are simple, elegant and made in a timeless style that looks both casual and comfy whilst remaining classically cut and flattering. They are neither your average comfy pyjamas nor are they a dramatic silk number. They are well designed and easily worn pieces of elegant lingerie

DKNY Robes

DKNY robes follow on with this tradition and long history of designing for all occasions with their robes. Whether the design is a fluffy terry robe or something more sheer and lightweight, each one is cut and fitted to be flattering and yet the material is soft and comfy.

The whole purpose of a robe is comfort and convenience. You use them to cover up when you aren't ready to dress fully, but just because they are an intermediate item, doesn't mean they need to be anything less that expertly cut and fitted. Every garment should flatter and compliment your figure and a robe is no different.

All DKNY robes and kimonos try to flatter and compliment in this way, but they don't sacrifice comfort to do so. Materials are the easiest way to achieve this excellent balance, and DKNY robes have some of the best materials in the business.

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