Donna Karan

Donna Karan might be one of the most well known fashion designers in the entire world. The name is known from coast to coast in their native America and throughout the world for that matter. Although most may know them as DKNY, the Donna Karen range is far more expansive and wonderful than just this one range. So let's take a look at this range and see what is so wonderful about it.

What Makes Donna Karan So Amazing?

Donna Karan is an incredible designer that's talented and skilled at designing all types of clothing, but they are particularly interesting to us for their smaller range, their hosiery collection. Many online stores sell their clothing lines, but now UK Tights hosts their range of legwear too. Donna Karan tights are as well made and beautiful as anything in the world of legwear from other designers with some added benefits too. Namely, they have an incredible pedigree behind them that comes with the name of Donna Karan. When you make legwear, and you have experienced elsewhere, some of that experience translates perfectly onto your new collections, and that is true from hosiery to outerwear to sportswear and beyond. So Donna Karan tights started off superbly well with a collection steeped in experiences but full of fresh ideas too. so what is their line up like exactly?

What Is In The Donna Karan Range?

Like much of the clothing, shoes and fragrances, this designer does a very selective range. Their hosiery is not a wide range by any means. Our first line up from Donna Karan was only about a dozen items, although they were superb ones indeed. Each one serves a very specific purpose, and each one is a classic. The classic sheer tights that are suitable for any occasion such as work or parties or casual wear, throughout spring or summer. And of course, the always in style opaque, that is cozy and comfy throughout the harshest days of winter. Or the always tasteful and always flattering matte ultra sheer. These are the items of legwear that never go out of fashion and they are always welcome in any range or any wardrobe. And Donna Karan tights are meant to hit the nail on the head with these kinds of ranges, making the best possible entries in their collections. It is also an incredible and well made range, as anyone who wears this designer's clothing will attest. If you want something that is a timeless option, with an incredible pedigree name behind it, Donna Karan will likely be the collection for you.

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