Fit Wise

Fit Wise is one of the most exciting new brands to join us here at UK Tights. It is our very first designer that does athletic wear and sportswear solely. This is the type of designer we love, one that absolutely loves to concentrate one one thing and get it absolutely right. And in the case of Fit Wise, this is exactly what they have done. This sportswear designer is all about getting their recipe right, and to that end, they have even gone one step beyond doing just sportswear. They are a designer that only does sports leggings. This is a concentrated range like we have never seen before. Fit Wise started out with just a handful of really high quality sports leggings for us to debut here at UK Tights. They gave us some samples to try and we fell in love. Their range is not very big, but it is high quality and we fell in love with that excellence instantly. Their leggings are comfy, easy to wear and absolutely perfect for getting a real workout in. So what does Fit Wise offer that is not just great quality but is also stylish too? Well, all of their designs are interesting, gorgeous and look great. From purple and black graduated shading to explosions of orange that looks like a Jackson Pollack painting, to tiger stripes. They are all available in Fit Wise, and this makes this designer one of the best for both fashion and functionality in one place.

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