Flexitop specialise in make the best designed and most comfortable leg wear accessories. By the word accessories, we don't mean they make things like wash bags though. They mostly specialise in socks and they are the most superbly comfy socks you could hope to wear. The great thing about Felxitop and their socks is that they have haps of variety. This is something we love here at UK Tights and we have been talking about the importance of great choice and selection for years. This new range from Flexitop features some of their most comfy designs yet. It has some really lovely and quirky designs to, and this designer is not one to neglect their style obligations and make some great fashion socks too. But what we really love about Flexitop more than just choice and style and comfort all in one place, is that you can get all of these elements and get them at a great price too. They are some of the best made and some of the most considered designs in the world of leg wear right now, especially when it comes to socks. You might not think something that goes under your jeans would mean so much, but a great deal of the appeal of this designer is that they make stuff so comfy and high quality, that they give you something you didn't even know you needed until now.

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