Hotsox Womens South Beach Socks
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Hotsox Womens South Beach Socks

Brighten your sock drawer, Colourful skyline design, Travel collection, 1 pair pack, 51% Cotton, 28% Polyester, 19% Nylon, 2% Elastane

Available Sizes:
UK 4-9 (EUR 37-42)

Dark-Blue Magenta
Hotsox is one of the most interesting brands of womens socks we have. They make some of the most amazing and charming designs we have ever seen. And by their name, we are sure you can guess, they are all about socks. Hotsox design novelty socks and fashionable foot accessories. There are many designers out that that do fun socks, but few that do real wild ones. That is what this designer is about. Most novelty brands will do a range of polka dots in different colours. They might also release one or two with a stripe and a zig zag, or a dot and argyle in the same place. But few go that extra mile. Hotsox don't go another mile either, they go an extra light year instead. For example, their first range with us is all about art and artists. They are a collection of socks that depict famous works of art. One is The Girl With The Pearl Earring, by Vemeer. The other is Klimt's The Kiss. And of course there is a reprint of the Mona Lisa. Not only that, they all have alternate colours, with a realistic version and a psychedelic one. Or one like a film negative too. This is extra exciting, as Hotsox have given each artist the Andy Warhol treatment.

An artist's work remixed by another artist. That is what we mean when we say that these fashion sock superheroes go an extra light year for their fans. They make designs that are well thought out and thorough. They give their work real creativity. But they are not done with capturing iconic themes yet. Some of their new designs centre around iconic places too. Take a look at their cityscape range and you will see why. Las Vegas, Paris, New York, Berlin. They are all there to see for yourself. Hotsox has taken the iconic sights and tourist attractions and assembled them here. You can get the Statue of Liberty and the Chrysler building and other Big Apple classics on your feet. Or the palm trees and welcome sign of Las Vegas. Iconic imagery is not all that Hotsox is about though.

They have plenty of other creative ranges with classic patterns made new. Or wacky combos you might never have imagined a designer would make. There is a charming and delightful design for everyone. They have socks with lollipops, sushi, cats, tobacco pipes and more on their socks. Their creativity ensures that there is always something new for you to feast your eyes on. And what's more, the socks themselves are very well made.

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