Katherine Hamilton

Katherine Hamilton is a very interesting new addition to the UK Tights family. She is a fabulous new designer, both to us and to the world, and her collections bring so much beauty and wonder to our range that we think you will love what they are releasing right now. So what is it that Katherine Hamilton make and why are we so excited to have them here? Let's take a look at their range for more.

What We Love About Katherine Hamilton

This designer is a younger one, with only a few years of designs under their belt. This makes them perfect for so many different fans of fashion, as they often offer the most diverse array of designs and some of the most creative young talent in the industry. But what kind of items do Katherine Hamilton make exactly? They primarily make lingerie, something you can find over at our sister site, UK Lingerie. Their bras and briefs are all available there, of course, but here at UK Tights we are interested in their suspender belts. Katherine Hamilton does not make any leg wear per se, but their suspender belts are something we are very interested in as they are a vital part of your wardrobe if you love stockings. Katherine Hamilton suspender belts are some of the absolute best out there. They are gorgeous, detailed, and full of rich feminine lace and are easily some of the most beautiful items of lingerie out there.

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