Fishnet Knee Highs

Silky Ladies Cotton Rich Compression Knee High
Silky Ladies Cotton Rich Compression Knee HighBlack

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Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Knee Highs
Trasparenze Ambra Coloured Fishnet Knee HighsAlbicocca Prugna Blu Ocra Citron Sabbia Panna Pink Bluette Bianco

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Fishnet knee highs are one of the most interesting fashion accessories out there. They have two or three distinct uses that make them great for so many different kinds of outfits. This gorgeous but petit garment is most often worn for its ability to stay cool in the heat. Sometimes, even the sheerest tights are too thick for the summer and going bare legged is boring. This is when fishnet knee highs are your best choice. They let your leg breathe as they only cover the bottom half and they let the breeze get to your skin.

There are also ideal if you want a little dose of the sexiness and that fishnets provide, without too much at once. This makes fishnet knee highs some of the most subtle items in the summer scene, if you can believe that! But they are not without beauty and excitment, as many subtle items can be. Fishnet knee highs derive their attractive qualities from colour. Many designers have experimented with their palettes, making knee highs in all shades. From baby pink to searing red, from sunbaked orange to a plummy purple. There is a shade for everyone and designers never stop releasing new ones. And it doesn't stop with colour either.

There are those that release items using exciting materials too. For example, lurex is popular for adding something sparkly and jazzy to your outfit. The shimmer of lurex can be overbearing, but in such a small form, it's perfect for fishnet knee highs. There is also lazer cutting, which is becoming more and more popular. This new trend means to imitate the fishnet by using regular material and then cutting into it with a lazer. This creates a neat diamond cut out that makes the garment more comfortable. It is softer than a fishnet, as the cord is replaces by sheer fabric, and the precision finish means it doesn't fray. There is so much variety in such a small and unique garment. There is something for everyone with fishnet knee highs and the list is growing season by season.

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